Welcome to the Sun Life Preferred Pharmacy Network

What is the Sun Life Preferred Pharmacy Network?

Powered by Express Scripts Canada, the Sun Life Preferred Pharmacy Network (PPN) is a broad network of pharmacies. These pharmacies provide support for those on eligible specialty medications. They may also help lower your out-of-pocket costs when you use your Sun Life Pay-Direct Drug Card.


Which pharmacies are part of the network?

The Sun Life PPN includes the following pharmacies and infusion clinics:

  • Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy®, Canada’s largest home delivery pharmacy. They also specialize in caring for patients with complex health conditions taking specialty medications;
  • InnomarPharmacy and InnomarClinics, a specialty pharmacy provider offering support for all specialty products. They support all patients receiving specialty treatments including infusion, and injection biologic medications through their ISO 9001 certified InnomarClinic and homecare nursing services; and
  • BioScript Solutions, a specialty pharmacy that supports a broad-range of drug therapies. They have a network of Coverdale infusion clinics that span coast-to-coast.

Are there additional services or benefits included as part of the PPN?

Yes, you can choose to take advantage of the following benefits: 

A range of services:

  • home delivery
  • nursing services
  • injection services
  • infusion services
  • e-refills
  • 24/7 access to a pharmacist

The availability of these services varies by pharmacy.

  • You also have access to an Advocate Services Advisor through Express Scripts Canada. The Advocate Services expert can help you explore different reimbursement-assistance options. These options can help reduce your out-of-pocket expense associated with the cost of your treatment.

  • In addition, you may choose to speak with Express Scripts Canada’s Therapeutic Resource Centre. They can work with you to develop a personalized care plan. After putting the plan in place, the pharmacist will follow up with you at regular intervals. They’ll monitor your progress and adjust as needed. This highly personalized service connects you directly with pharmacy professionals who specialize in your particular condition.

Medications Filled

What are Specialty Drugs?

Specialty drugs are certain medications that need authorization from Sun Life before you’re covered for them under your plan. They’re often prescribed to treat complex health conditions such as cancer, hepatitis C and rheumatoid arthritis. They usually have a higher cost than most other medications available. Sun Life's PPN specifically focuses on these types of drugs.


What’s an Eligible Medication?

An eligible medication is a medication that is part of the Sun Life Prior Authorization or Specialty Authorization approval program. These medications are eligible for reduced pricing.


How much more will I pay if I don’t receive my eligible drugs from a network pharmacy?

Pricing will vary based on the specific cost of the eligible medication and drug plan coverage details. However, Sun Life plan members whose drug plan covers 80% of the treatment cost may see an average increase of 5-10% on their out-of-pocket cost. The out-of-pocket cost is the cost of the medication that your benefits plan doesn’t reimburse. For the average eligible drugs, 5-10% can be $25 to $50 more each time a plan member fills a prescription.


What is a Prior Authorization Drug?

A prior authorization drug is a medication that Sun Life must pre-approve for coverage. To learn more about Sun Life’s Prior Authorization, please click here

Get Started

How do I sign up to the PPN?

To begin using the PPN, please call to speak with a Sun Life PPN Advisor at 1 855-885-6425. They’re available Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.


How do I use the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy?

To use the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy, please call 1 855-885-6425. They’ll help you get started.

Filling Your Prescription Through the Sun Life PPN 

Will there be an additional cost to me for using a pharmacy in the network?

No, there is no additional cost for you to fill your prescription at a participating network pharmacy. In fact, you may save money on your eligible specialty medication.


Will I need to use my Sun Life Pay-Direct Drug Card when visiting a pharmacy in the network?

Yes, in order to benefit from the Sun Life PPN, you must use your Sun Life Pay-Direct Drug Card.


What if I forget to use my Sun Life Pay-Direct Drug Card with the pharmacy? Can I pay cash for my prescription and later submit my claim to receive the reduced claim cost?

No, you must use your Sun Life Pay-Direct Drug Card to receive the reduced claim cost.


Can I still have my prescriptions dispensed at a pharmacy that’s not part of the network?

Yes, however, you may end up paying more for your medication.


Can I have my prescriptions dispensed at a pharmacy that isn’t in my home province?

We encourage you to have your prescriptions filled in your province of residence. This helps to ensure coordination with any applicable provincial programs. If you don’t, you risk not taking advantage of any provincial programs that may apply to you. There may be a situation where you need to fill a prescription while you’re away from home and your home province. We recommend you use the home delivery pharmacy service available through the PPN. They can mail your prescription to a temporary address you provide.


How will I save on my prescription?

Many factors determine how a plan covers the cost of a drug. We’ll work to find you the best possible price for your prescription. Ultimately, the amount of coverage varies from person-to-person and drug plan-to-drug plan. To determine your savings, a network pharmacy must process your drug plan claim. They consider your specific coverage details.


Can I have any type of prescription filled within the PPN?

Yes, most pharmacies can fill any prescription you receive, including the Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy.


I live in an area without a PPN pharmacy. Can I still use the network for my prescription?

Yes, the network can deliver your prescription to you through the home delivery service.

Who to Contact

If you have more questions and would like to speak with a Sun Life PPN Advisor, please call 1-855-885-6425. They’re available Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.